I'm so happy you're here.

Hey! Hi! Hello! I'm Kristen!

I'm the "behind the scenes" of K2 Clay Co. I'm just like you.. I'm a boy mom, a bonus mom, & a fur momma! I truly believe in the magic of the world and that you can find the good in every situation if you just look hard enough. If you have ever met a tie dye loving flower child, a prep in business clothes, a Croc & Converse connoisseur, and lover of denim jackets... You probably have met me. I've never been "in style," but rather a little all over the place. I am obsessed with traveling, books & learning, a perfect cup of coffee, and puppies.

Clay is a metaphorical therapy for me. It allows me to get lost in a good podcast or a jam session, lets creativity flow, and leaves me feeling refreshed. When I wasn't looking, it found me when I needed it most. And since you're here, I hope a piece of our clay joy finds you when you need it most, too!

K2 Clay Co. started on a prayer, a whim of confidence, and a small dream. Our vision for our jewelry and accessories is to give you the boldness to spice up any outfit or to add a slice of love in every gift. Each piece is handmade in small batches making each pair unique. There will never be another pair just like yours! Just like K2 Clay Co., we hope each piece reminds you of a small prayer, gives you a whim of confidence, and empowers you to chase another small dream.